Foamed concrete equipment pt.1

The equipment we use on a daily basis to manufacture foamed concrete

Foamed concrete is produced by adding Foam to a fluid, “grout like” base material. A given amount of foam is added to a given amount of Base material for a given mix, thus producing Foamed Concrete.

The tricky part is knowing exactly how much foam to add to the base material to achieve a given density. Our bespoke “in – line” foaming systems combine a peristaltic pump with a high pressure, high volume foam generation unit. These two systems are controlled proportionally to always produce a matched volume. The resulting foam concrete system provides an unrivalled level of flexibility when compared to older, simpler versions of “pre foaming” 

The system mated to a 7.5 ton DAF lorry allows our systems, not only be driven around the country and mobilised within a moment’s notice and produce up to 24 mfrom a single 6 mReady mix delivery. Compared to other types of delivery that will only be able to produce 6 mirrelevant of density and at cost to part load charges from material uncarried by ready mix suppliers. 

The hopper and pump combination allow neat material to be directly discharged into a 500 litre hopper and pumped using the peristaltic pump, as the material exits, it is injected “in-line” with foam before passing over a mixing plate, whereby a homogenous foamed, light weight concrete will exit. The discharge line can be anywhere from 20 metres to 200 metres depending on site logistics.

Dependant on the base material chosen, the same truck mounted in-line foamed concrete system can generate and pump foam concretes with a density range from 1600 kg/mall the way down to 450kg/musing pre- determined and calibrated controls.