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Working with clients all over the world, we welcome new enquiries and challenges from prospective users of foamed concrete whether it be from a logistics viewpoint or a specification driven enquiry.

Propump Engineering have the ability to advise on the use of foamed concretes, their durability, placement and suitability in the given environment.

Whilst Propump Engineering specialise as a material provider / manufacturer of foamed concrete. The skills and knowledge gained over 30 years, combined with our on – site pumping services have developed our intimate knowledge of requirements from site and environment that enable the safest and most efficient use and design of foam concretes for various applications.

Our portfolio of work speaks for itself with clients ranging from the mining sector to nuclear power stations, house builders to boat builders, small local companies to multi-nationals, with applications from the abandonment of small pipes to large tunnels, cellars, subways, floors, walls, abutments, pavements and roadways.

Propump Engineering is happy to offer consultancy where onsite batching, logistics, or even the basic filling procedures and processes might seem like a daunting task. Propump Engineering can help provide a suitable material specification based on the needs and requirements of a specific project, as well as advising on the best practices from initial preparation works through to completion.

Working with our clients, Propump Engineering can offer a specific consultancy service to civil engineering contractors, architects or direct with the client in undertaking void infill, pipe and tank filling, load reduction, bridge abutments and bridge infill to name just a few applications. We can also discuss mix design and specification with project managers.

Over the years various tests and trials have been conducted to see what chemical blends and materials produce good, stable coherent foamed concrete. Using a combination of research and development and on-site experiences,  data on how far a material can be pumped, how deep it can be poured, what additives, accelerators and plasticisers will work,  has all been documented.  This information goes far beyond the theoretical and allows us to offer solutions to problems that most other companies cannot.

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Foamed concrete cube moulds available from stock from ProPump Engineering Ltd

Foamed concrete cube moulds

Large quantities of both 100mm and 150mm foamed concrete cube moulds are kept in stock, available to purchase on a next day delivery.

Please call the office for up to date prices on 01322 429 900 alternatively email