High Density Foamed Concretes

High Density Foamed Concretes

Propump Engineering can provide foamed concretes with densities over 1200kg/m3 and up to +1800kg/m3.

These foamed concretes are the most robust designs that provide highest strengths and offer a closer bulk to traditional concretes, their relatively low “blow up” or bulking factor provides a much thicker material that can be pre-foamed. Foam concretes can be tailored to suit different applications. In this range of densities, strengths will generally be in the 6N/mm2+ range.

Foamed concretes are excellent for projects that require mass infill of voids and are a good alternative to the usual crushed materials, by their nature they are self levelling, self consolidating and flow through small gaps and fissures. Foamed concrete material properties, coupled with our bespoke in-line pumping systems.


  • Trench Reinstatement
  • Basements and vaults
  • Tunnel filling
  • Bridges
  • Subway Decommissioning

High-density foam concretes that range from 1200 kg / m3 to 1800+ kg/m3 can be pumped through our inline foam generation system. These mixes also benefit from their ability to be pre-foamed on site, or at the plant. They are suited to being tipped into place, as an option for mass void filling, rather than pumped long distances and filling small fissures and voids.


  • Easily re-excavate-able material
  • Geo stable trench material
  • Deeper maximum pour depth
  • Higher tolerance to water ingress

Strength and density

Propump have the experience, knowledge and ability to design and tailor a wide range of mixes to your requirements. New mixes can be designed, trialled and tested for use if so required. With over 10 individual mix profiles and 12,000 individual onsite results, our knowledge of foamed concretes is unrivalled.

Typical Strength RangeTypical Density Range
1N/mm2 – 10N/mm21200 kg/m3 – 1800 kg/m3

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