New applications for foamed concrete

New and novel uses for foamed concrete

Mines, Tunnels, basements, vaults, cellars, pipes, sink holes, decommissioning work, ground stabilisation, new builds, roads and decks are but some of the many applications Foamed Concrete is used for on a daily basis.

Using expertise gained over the last 29 years Propump are always on the lookout for possible new applications. Foamed concrete, when produced to the right standards has many Qualities and attributes that set it aside from other materials, for example; low strength (1N/mm2) and low abrasion resistance mean that one possible application for foamed concrete could be to infill archaeological excavations to protect them during building works, allowing easy identification and re-excavation another time.

Rubbish bins in airports, train stations and other public places are rare due to threat of explosives being placed and hidden inside. Older style steel or concrete bins shatter on explosion causing shards to fly out, causing more damage than the original device.

The development of a lightweight foamed, concrete used to infill around a specially designed steel bin lining, Using Foamed concretes’ integral air matrix will absorb the blast by allowing the energy from the explosion to be transmitted into the air pockets within the foamed concrete forcing the majority of the energy upwards and not sideways.  This would prevent persons or property adjacent to the bin from major damage as the energy absorbing concrete would prevent fragmentation of the bin.

The fine bubble structure of foamed concrete aids in energy absorption. Foamed concrete has been used to catch bullets at firing ranges, used to dissipate and redirect explosions. Solid foamed concrete will even float in water.

Self-supporting panels or in situ cast walls will support themselves whilst providing adequate insulation, single story buildings have been.