Pumping Concrete

Due to the nature of many foamed concrete applications, pumping the materials is common place, and provided the correct type and specification of pump is used there is no difficulty in pumping foamed concretes.

Propump’s U.K. contracting arm offers a fleet of eight inline pumping systems to service the U.K. construction industry. The systems can provide volumes of foamed concrete between 2m3 and 500m3 a day. They are operated by two qualified foam technicians trained to provide a quality service wherever and whenever it is required. The systems are capable of delivering foamed concrete within only a few minutes of arriving at site requiring a minimum amount of room with limited disruption to other trades.

Instances of foamed materials being pumped over 1000 metres have been recorded but we would recommend advice be sought before attempting to pump the material over 150 metres.

Excessive vertical pumping of foamed concrete should be attempted with caution as material segregation can be an issue and again we would advise further advice be sought before attempting.