Cube Moulds

Foamed Concrete should not be tested using traditional steel cube moulds, the characteristic strength is significantly hindered if the (small representative) volume is not insulated and left to air cure for the given testing period. The insulative properties of polystyrene allow the samples to cure and hydrate in a similar way to the insulative foamed concrete material that the sample is taken from and consequently gives a much closer representative strength result.

100mm-Polystyrene-Cube-Moulds-150x150 Cube Moulds 100mm-Polystyrene-Cube-Moulds-150x150 Cube Moulds 100mm-Polystyrene-Cube-Moulds-150x150 Cube Moulds

Polystyrene provides insulation and vibration protection for fresh foamed concrete cubes, allowing the cell structure to be protected during the crucial initial set period.

Polystyrene, whilst comparatively weak and non-compliant to BS:EN standards for traditional concrete cube making, provides a perfect shell for foamed concrete. Traditional concrete needs to be tamped in the cube, once dried it needs to be stripped and cured in water, all of these are not required for foamed concrete and will cause adverse effects.

The polystyrene moulds can also be used to sample cementitious grout, slurries, screeds,  soil samples and many other materials.

Large quantities of both 100mm and 150mm cube moulds are kept in stock, available to purchase on a next day delivery.

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Onsite Use of Cube Moulds

Single-use cube moulds, once filled, are generally left in situ to cure before being moved. The polystyrene provides an excellent base for writing cube identification, pour location, and date poured details on and ensures all information can be clearly recorded and transposed by the test house undertaking the strength testing processes. Once the initial set has taken place and the cubes are suitable to be transported typically they are collected by a third party audited and approved concrete testing lab, where they are stored until the age required to be tested. The samples are then removed from the polystyrene moulds and tested as normal.

Propump use 150 mm cube moulds on a daily basis as part of its own quality control and assurance process, producing sets of three cubes for each test conducted as a representative sample of the material being placed. Cubes are typically tested at 28 and 90 days (2 at 28 days, 1 at 90) unless otherwise instructed.