Foam Chemicals

Developed by technicians in the field Propump can offer a range of both protein and synthetic based foamers. The type and blend of these chemicals being dependant on the requirement and application of the foamed concrete.

Protein based foaming agents

Propump 26 and Propump 40

Protein based foamers are generally used for producing lower density foamed materials i.e. those below 1000kg/m3 and are produced from refined animal products such as hoof, horn and skin. This complex hydralisation process produces an intricate chemical structure which enables the process of foamed concrete hydration to be greatly enhanced by the water retention qualities of the protein, causing the cement to be well bonded and fully hydrated. The mechanical strength of the foamed concrete therefore tends to be stronger, making it more suited to low density applications.

Propump 26

A Protein foaming agent designed by Propump for our main contracting arm. Used to provide highly versatile foam for inclusion in mix designs from 200kg/m3 to 1700kg/m3. We are very proud of its performance levels having been used directly by Propump over many years to service its extensive UK and Overseas client base. Suitable for dry foam systems only.

Propump 40

A concentrated version of Propump 26, it is used where greater viscosity is required. Propump 40 has been used to minimize material loss on voided infill such as mines. Suitable for dry foam system only.

Synthetic foamers are produced using man made chemicals such as the ones used in shampoos, soap powders and soaps. They foam readily and produce extremely stable foamed concretes although they are not recommended for very lightweight foamed concretes.

Propump Synthetic

Manufactured to closely duplicate the protein foams, it is extremely active requiring much less energy to create the foam.

Used by Propump for heavier density mixes (1200-1700kg/m3). This product can be used for both the dry foam system and the wet foam system.

All the above chemicals are available in 25 litre drums, 210 litre drums and 1000 litre IBC`s all for immediate dispatch any where in the World.