Propump UK Services

Propump Engineering has the resources available to offer a wide range of products and services to aid in the specification, production and supply of numerous foamed concrete materials from lightweight, thermally insulating screeds to large volume mass infill projects.

Foamed Concrete Specification & Supply

For projects that require a strict and exact density or strength requirements, ProPump can provide the solution.  Using the in-line foaming and pump system, designed specifically for the purpose of manufacturing foam concrete,  the density of the material can be continuously monitored with any changes being made “in batch” immediately, lessening the possibility of the material’s being placed outside of the required specification.

Chemical Sales

As experts in our field of manufacturing foamed concrete, ProPump have taken the time to develop a specific range of foaming agents that produce the best quality foam for use with various base mixes. Propump 26, Propump 40 as well as our fully synthetic B4 are available to purchase for your needs.

Material & Process Consultants

Over the years various tests and trials have been conducted to see what chemical blends and materials produce good, stable coherent foamed concrete. Using a combination of research and development and on-site experiences,  data on how far a material can be pumped, how deep it can be poured, what additives, accelerators and plasticisers will work,  has all been documented.  This information goes far beyond the theoretical and allows us to offer solutions to problems that most other companies cannot.

Propump Engineering is happy to offer consultancy where onsite batching, logistics, or even the basic filling procedures and processes might seem like a daunting task. Propump Engineering can help provide a suitable material specification based on the needs and requirements of a specific project, as well as advising on the best practices from initial preparation works through to completion.

Equipment Design & Sales

We don’t just design foamed concrete equipment, we use it ourselves. Every day our technicians produce high quality foamed concretes with plant and equipment designed and manufactured by ourselves, giving us a unique insight into what works and what does not.

Air operated Foam generators are available ex. Stock, junior foam generators have been provided to universities all over the country, whilst larger, auto batch systems are typically used for isolated jobs.

Dedicated on-site foamed concrete batching plants have been designed and operated including a plant designed from scratch for the largest Foamed concrete infill project in the world, The Combe Down mines stabilisation project, during which a total of nearly 700,000 cubic metres of lightweight foamed concrete was manufactured and placed.

Standalone smaller systems for providing batch production foam concrete,  have been produced and supplied to clients all over the world, including; The Middle East, The Far East,  Australasia, North America, South America and Europe.

Equipment Hire

Foam generators are available to hire, these consist of wet foam type and dry foam type.

Wet foam generators.

Engine driven and using synthetic chemicals like Propump synthetic, these units produce a less dense “wetter” foam, typically used for higher density foamed concretes. (1400 KG – 1700kg/M3)

Dry foam generators.

These generators require a compressed air supply and use Protein based chemicals such as Propump 26 or 40, they produce a heavier, thicker foam, which due to their increased stability are generally used for making lighter weight foamed concretes. (300KG – 1400kg/M3)