Foam Chemicals

Developed by technicians in the field Propump can offer a range of both protein and synthetic based foamers. The type and blend of these chemicals being dependant on the requirement and application of the foamed concrete.

Protein based foaming agents

Generally used for producing lower density foamed materials i.e. those below 1000kg/m3 and are produced from refined animal products such as hoof, horn and skin. This complex hydralisation process produces an intricate chemical structure which enables the process of foamed concrete hydration to be greatly enhanced by the water retention qualities of the protein, causing the cement to be well bonded and fully hydrated. The mechanical strength of the foamed concrete therefore tends to be stronger, making it more suited to low density applications.

Synthetic foams

Generally used for the production of foamed concrete’s above 1000kg/m3 but can be used with care for lower densities.

Synthetic foamers are produced using man made chemicals such as the ones used in shampoos, soap powders and soaps. They foam readily and produce extremely stable foamed concretes although not recommended for lightweight foamed concretes.