Caversham_Sinkhole-e1510244049246 Two Sinkholes in Two Days

Two Sinkholes in Two Days

One sinkhole in Reading, another in Ashford. When rain or groundwater washes away permeable bed rock such as chalk, salt, gypsum and limestone, voids are created underground. It’s only a matter of time until the balance is disrupted and a collapse or void appears.

ProPump Engineering has a fleet of truck mounted, hydraulically driven, in-line foam generation and pumping units that can respond to any situation around the country. These “in-line” pumping units have the ability to produce from 5 – 300 M3 of highly air entrained, lightweight, Foamed Concrete per day. They have the ability to continuously produce mixes anywhere in the range of 400KG/M3 to 1600KG/M3 in density.

Each void has been filled with the P445 mix at 1100KG/M3 Density. Taking a total of 15M3 hardly pushed the capabilities of production, however, from arrival onsite ProPump technicians can have the “In-line” concrete pumps ready in as little as 10 minutes providing good location and water supply. Used to encapsulate new or old services, the material is ready to cover or work on top of the next day.

The fluid nature of Foamed concrete mixes, as well as the light weight, allow the material to potentially fill any unseen voids within the ground through small fissures that a much drier and heavier concrete would not be able to do.

Ground stabilisation work such as Void fills due to sinkholes, excavation and tunnelling operations as well as ground –reinstatement typically requires a 1-2 Newton strength mix at 1100KG/M3 to make safe for continued building work or just paving.