When a global engineering company required a lightweight concrete to fill two high maintenance ponds outside its UK headquarters, Propump Engineering fitted the bill perfectly. By turning water into concrete, Propump transformed the building’s exterior with a simple, fast and high quality application of foamed concrete.

At Grosvenor House in Redhill, Surrey, two ornamental ponds had become difficult and costly to maintain – forcing the building’s occupants Black & Veatch to look for a high quality, low cost fill solution. Following a successful collaboration with Propump at Mogden Sewage Treatment Works, Black & Veatch once again turned to the foamed concrete specialists.

Reliable, strong and lightweight, foamed concrete proved to be the essential solution and ensured weight placed on the fragile structures was kept to a minimum. With a density of just 600kg/m3, the foamed concrete required no compaction and was easily and quickly pumped into place by Propump’s team of applicators.

Regularly used to fill underground voids, encapsulate pipes and create flat screeds, the fast and easy application of foamed concrete makes it ideal for traditional buildings and structures where space is at a premium. Foamed concrete is pumpable, self-compacting and can mould itself to the shape of any void.

Upon completion, the new and improved exterior created by Propump has helped to provide a much better first impression for staff and visitors alike to the Black & Veatch’s UK headquarters – with foamed concrete playing a crucial role in the project’s success.