Abberton-3-cropped Propump supports Abberton Reservoir expansion

Propump supports Abberton Reservoir expansion

Propump Engineering has poured 250m3 of foamed concrete into a decommissioned pumping station at Abberton Reservoir, Essex, as part of a multi-million pound expansion project that will increase its capacity by 58% to a staggering 40 billion litres.

Originally constructed in 1939, Abberton Reservoir is one of Europe’s top wetland sites with up to 40,000 ducks, swans and geese visiting each year. Increased water demand in Essex (one of the country’s driest regions), means that the reservoir’s owner and operator Essex & Suffolk Water need to raise its top water level by 3.2 metres. Once completed, the reservoir will provide an additional 15 billion litres of water storage whilst requiring far less additional land than a new reservoir.

As part of complex works carried out by Carillion Civil Engineering, the existing pumping station has been decommissioned to be replaced by a new offtake pumping station – built directly on top of the original. Required to fill the wet well of the pumping station which will lie beneath the water, Propump Engineering’s foamed concrete proved to be the perfect filling solution.

Propump supplied 250m3 foamed concrete to be pumped into the wet well over a five day period in five separate 1 metre layers. A strict envelope for the mix was specified, which Propump met in all aspects with a foamed concrete application of 1300 kg/m3 wet density, 1200kg/m3 dry density and strength of between 4 and 5.5 Newton/mm2.

Due to the location and sensitive nature of the works, environmental controls were absolutely paramount. To ensure wildlife and the water were protected throughout the application and beyond, Propump complied with all the controls and necessary precautions to complete the application to the highest standard.

Thanks to Propump’s fast and reliable installation of 250m3 of foamed concrete Carillion’s programme of works remain on schedule for its autumn 2013 completion.