news13 Propump gets Station Road Bridge back on track

Propump gets Station Road Bridge back on track

Propump Engineering has pumped around 450m3 of foamed concrete to strengthen and stabilise a road bridge on Station Road in Derbyshire.

Derbyshire County Council needed an ultra-lightweight concrete – with a plastic density of no more than 400kg/m3 – to keep loadings on the bridge to an absolute minimum whilst increasing the structure’s integrity. For this, Propump’s foamed concrete proved the ideal solution.

Propump was required to consistently produce high quality concrete to the meet the client’s stringent specification. Having successfully used this low density mix on a previous project, Propump provided an abundance of test data to prove its ability to meet the client’s strict and vital demands.

Propump also provided foamed concrete to be used for the project’s final pour, replacing the original specification of high-flowing cementitious grout to be poured through the bridge deck. Foamed concrete was approved by Eric Wright Civil Engineering as a suitable alternative and ensured the whole scheme was delivered to the same exacting standards.

The bridge was originally used to pass over the Great Northern Railway Line extension which opened in 1878. although all remnants of the railway have since disappeared apart from ‘Station House’, a private home in the station building itself. The line finally closed in 1964 whilst the bridge remained in full operation, with Propump’s foamed concrete application ensuring it will continue to do so for many more years to come.