news19 Propump Expands Into Europe - July 2011

Propump Expands Into Europe – July 2011

Foamed concrete specialist Propump Engineering, one of the most successful companies of its kind, is broadening its market leading position in the UK through further expansion into Europe.

The Kent based company is looking at further growth particularly with close neighbours France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. ‘Western Europe is of particular interest due to the number of planned and ongoing construction activities’ said Trevor Ansell, Director of Propump Engineering.

In the last twenty years, the use of foamed concrete has grown faster than any other ‘special’ concrete product. In the UK alone, special concrete applications are now thought to be close to about 1,000,000m3 a year, with much of this made up by volumes of foamed materials.

The company offers a wide range of products and services to aid in the specification, production and supply of numerous foamed concrete materials from lightweight, thermally insulating screeds to large volume mass infill project. Propump staff have an in-depth knowledge of systems and materials having worked with clients from the colder climates to the equatorial regions of the world.

Propump Engineering have exported foam generators, pump systems and chemicals all over the world. Propump products are renowned for their simplicity and robustness with our original portable range of foam generators requiring only a compressor to provide high quality continuous foam at outputs of 500 litres a minute.

This new commitment to Europe will allow Propump to further enhance its international reputation for delivering high quality work, on time and within budget to the full satisfaction of its clients.