news16 Propump delivers the goods at Sainsbury's Distribution Centre

Propump delivers the goods at Sainsbury’s Distribution Centre

Propump Engineering’s foamed concrete was top of the list for the stabilisation of a new two-lane access road when Sainsbury’s converted its 670,000 sq ft bonded warehouse in Dartford, Kent, into a new regional distribution centre.

Propump supplied 50m3 of its 1,000kgs/m3 foamed concrete to create a solid concrete raft beneath the widened road and meet strict loading limits for the road set to be used by thousands of HGVs every year.

Opened in 2008, the distribution facility was built on derelict marshland as part of a £500 million development called The Bridge. When Sainsbury’s increased their operations at Dartford, foamed concrete proved the ideal solution for vital improvements to the access route.

Main contractor A R Naylor & Sons Ltd was appointed to widen the centre’s main entrance to accommodate an additional lane of traffic and enable two HGVs to exit at the same time for a smoother and more cost effective process. To widen the road, the contractor first needed to stabilise the ground, beginning with the digging out a large base.

After creating the base, A R Naylor & Sons Ltd needed a reliable and durable concrete fill solution. With soft ground beneath, it was a prerequisite that the concrete offered low density but with strength to withstand regular heavy loads. To achieve this, the company approached Propump to supply foamed concrete at a density of 1,000kgs/m3, with the application completed in a single day.

Now complete, the regional distribution centre is able to operate far more efficiently following the innovative use of foamed concrete. Thanks to Propump, the new two-lane exit allows the smooth, safe and regular delivery of products to Sainsbury’s stores all over the South East.