news9 Propump called in as ground swallows up family’s patio

Propump called in as ground swallows up family’s patio

Propump has carried out an emergency fill in order to rapidly stabilise a family home in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, after its patio collapsed moments after a game of football took place on it. Whilst eating lunch overlooking the garden, the occupants watched as a void five metres deep and eight metres wide – stretching beneath the property itself – opened up before them, consuming the patio as it went. After evacuating the property, it was critical that the home was stabilised before the family could return.

Initial works to make the area safe took place as a matter of urgency. Ground engineering specialist, Abbey Pynford Foundation Systems, sought a quick fill, low density solution to get the ground stabilised yet reduce the weight on the walls surrounding the hole. Renowned for providing quality service and accurate volumes of foamed concrete, Propump was specified as the preferred foamed concrete specialist and got to work straight away.

“We needed a specialist that could pump in foamed concrete into the hole at short notice,” explained Phil Jones, Director of Abbey Pynford Foundation Systems. “Propump did exactly what they said they could do and as such, we would certainly use them again. To get the hole filled they pumped 100 cubic metres of foamed concrete into it in just 3 hours.”

Following further ground investigation and insurance approval more than a year later, Propump returned to pump a further 300 cubic metres of foamed concrete underground. This second phase of works formed an underground barrier at the perimeter of the house and gardens. This contained the final bulk fill.

Lightweight and self compacting, all of the foamed concrete was manufactured on site via a Propump In-line Foamed Concrete System (IFCS). This extremely efficient system allows full base material (sand, cement, water) deliveries and processes them on a continual basis into the specified foamed concrete – reducing site times dramatically.
news9_1 Propump called in as ground swallows up family’s patio
Now complete, the family has been able to return home, safe in the knowledge that the ground beneath them is there to stay.