news26 Pool decommission complete with foamed concrete

Pool decommission complete with foamed concrete

The outdated swimming pool at Cefn Hengoed Community School was built in the 1960’s and required significant capital investment to be brought up to standard as well as a sizable subsidy from the council to ensure its ongoing operation.

The council’s decision to decommission meant the most cost effective option was not to dismantle the pool but fill it with foamed concrete to form a solid base prior to the installation of a suitable floor.

Contractor Carillion was appointed to complete the project for which Propump supplied 280m3 to fill the pool over a 5 day period during the school holidays. Faced with challenging access, it was essential that during the pumping of the concrete, the school corridors were protected to ensure there was no damage to the floor and wall finishes. A specially designed mix was used to keep the density below 1000kg/m3 whilst returning a 2 Newton /mm² strength.

Reliable, strong and lightweight, foamed concrete proved to be the essential ingredient and is often used to fill or reduce the depths in swimming pools. With a density that can be specified to be at or below the weight of the water, the foamed concrete requires no compaction and is easily pumped into place.

Thanks to Propump, Cefn Hengoed Community School and its 650 pupils will now have an area which can be developed into a usable space.