news14 Houseboat conversion is plain sailing with foamed concrete

Houseboat conversion is plain sailing with foamed concrete

Foamed concrete is not the first thing you think of when converting an old dredging barge into a luxury private houseboat – but the owners have proved that this is a product equally suitable for use on the quayside as on the building site.

To create a living space in the 43m long barge, a perfectly level floor screed was required to cover the exposed steel braces in the boat’s hull. With the screed’s weight of vital importance to assist buoyancy, Propump Engineering supplied 40m3 of its foamed concrete.

Used to cover a 10 inch deep section of structural steelwork, the foamed concrete has helped the owner to create a base for its floor. With the room measuring an impressive 23m x 6.5m, the screed can be overlaid with flooring to create the houseboat’s main habitable area.

As the houseboat is docked at St. Osyth’s Quay in Clacton-on-Sea, Propump had to utilise its innovative mobile inline foaming and pumping system (IFCS) to ensure a smooth, efficient application. Propump’s IFCS simply parked on the quayside and pumped the foamed concrete through a flexible hose into the barge’s hold.

The IFCS systems accept full deliveries of base material (sand, cement and water) and process them on a continual basis into the specified foamed concrete solution. With excellent fluid properties, it quickly filled the various pockets and crevices around the steelwork. To ensure a flat, level floor could be laid whilst eliminating any possible voids, a simple levelling and skimming procedure was carried out using minimal time and labour.

Regularly used to fill underground voids, encapsulate pipes and create flat screeds, the easy application of foamed concrete makes it ideal for more traditional building sites when space is at a premium. At the houseboat renovation, Propump demonstrated the additional versatility of lightweight foamed concrete to meet strict weight and stability demands.

The relatively small but unique project is a perfect example of Propump’s flexibility in providing concrete fill solutions of any size. Thanks to the innovative foamed concrete solution, the houseboat’s owner can rest assured that the high quality application will help the conversion to stand the test of time.