news18 Foamed concrete – the alternative sub-base material - July 2011

Foamed concrete – the alternative sub-base material – July 2011

When building a road, path or driveway, the sub-base layer plays a crucial role and so the specification and application of the right materials is key. An inferior sub-base may seem cheaper at first but can lead to deterioration and costly repairs later on. For a high performance sub-base layer that gets it right first time, foamed concrete is the ideal solution.

Offering speed, efficiency and exceptional performance, foamed concrete is the innovative alternative to conventional sub-base materials such as Type 1 MOT roadstone.

Traditionally, Type 1 MOT roadstone has been used as the sub-base layer to support roads, paving and driveways. When laying the sub-base, density and strength are equally important so striking the right balance when using roadstone – with an insitu density of between 1600 to 2100kg/m3 – can be extremely difficult. With foamed concrete, this balance can be easily achieved.

Produced with densities as low as 375kg/m3 in situ, foamed concrete can provide strengths between 0.5 Newton/mm2 and 20 Newton/mm2. Reliable, strong and lightweight, foamed concrete can also be produced to a much tighter tolerance than roadstone with a better than 5% density differential being achievable.

Roadstone, a combination of stone ranging from 75mm down to a fine dust, is supplied loose to the construction site by the ton and should be compacted in layers of 100mm. Offering a flexible, speedy process, foamed concrete is used as it is delivered and can be poured in 1 metre lifts for a much quicker and more efficient application.

For quality management, foamed concrete is also hard to beat. Produced using an innovative process which allows total control over each element, this allows much greater control over the final result and ensures the highest quality material is supplied.

A versatile and high performance concrete solution for sub-base layers, foamed concrete is the innovative alternative material that breaks with tradition – with outstanding results.