news28 Cow Bridge Safe For Cars

Cow Bridge Safe For Cars

To allow cars to cross the River Lea in Hackney for the first time in twenty years, Propump Engineering has pumped around 400m3 of foamed concrete to strengthen and stabilise a single lane bridge on Hackney Marshes.

Linking Mandeville Road to the North Marsh, Cow Bridge leads from a busy housing estate to the car park and changing room facilities for a large recreation ground on Hackney Marshes.

With the 1950’s single lane bridge confined to foot traffic, client Hackney Council funded the project using money from the sale of land to the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Birse Civil Engineering Ltd called upon Propump to come up with a one-off mix to produce a lightweight foamed concrete density of 1000kgs/m3 with a 7.5N/mm2 strength. Lightweight foamed concrete was pumped into the original cavities and proved to be the vital ingredient in strengthening the narrow bridge enabling cars to cross the river again.

With twenty years of foamed concrete experience, Propump Engineering Ltd can offer clients a wide range of products and services to aid in the specification, production and supply of numerous foamed concrete materials, from lightweight, thermally insulating screeds to large volume mass infill projects. A full range of foamed materials can be designed and manufactured on-site and off-site with densities from 400kg/m3-1900kg/m2 and strengths of up to 10N/mm2.

Propump‘s team of specialists have an in-depth knowledge of systems and materials having worked with clients across the globe. Whatever your needs, Propump will provide the solution which will help you achieve your foamed concrete goal.