100% Foamed Concrete 100% of the time

From lightweight, thermally insulating screeds to large volume mass infill projects, Propump Engineering uses its experience, knowledge and product know-how to save you time, money and manpower on your foamed concrete application – anywhere in the world.

Using its unrivalled specification, production and supply service, Propump offers a high quality, reliable and versatile application process that delivers 100% foamed concrete, 100% of the time.

Propump works closely with every client to offer a specific consultancy service for the undertaking of void infill, pipe and tank filling, load reduction, bridge abutments and bridge infill to name just a few applications. We can also offer a full mix design service based on many years of experience both in the field and in the test house.

Before starting on-site, Propump will complete a site survey to establish a correct and safe method of working, correct mix classification, and highlight and eliminate any potential logistics problems. We also produce volume, geotechnical and land surveys to provide accurate total project costing information – to ensure every project is completed on time, on budget and to the client’s exact demands.

Our foamed concrete is produced using an innovative process which allows us total control over each element, also allowing much greater control over the final result to ensure the highest quality material is supplied. Increasingly popular for its adaptability, durability and strength, foamed concrete is perfect for filling voids where access is difficult or when a lightweight mix is needed to meet restricted loading limits.

Manufactured through Propump’s inline foaming systems, these produce upwards of 500m3 of foamed concrete in a day, as well as assisting the product’s easy and rapid installation service that flows easily into every crevice and gap, where traditional concrete is often not a viable solution.

Delivered to site in a pumpable, fluid form, foamed concrete can be applied within only a few minutes of arrival and requires a minimum amount of room with limited disruption to other trades. Produced with densities as low as 375kg/m³ in situ, our foamed concrete can still provide strengths between 0.5 Newton/mm² and 10 Newton/mm².

For our client’s additional peace of mind, Propump has ISO 9001 and Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) accreditation and can also arrange independent testing to meet Namas Accreditation.

From lightweight screeds to infill projects, foamed concrete offers a versatile and high performance solution to an extensive range of concrete projects. And thanks to Propump’s comprehensive specification, supply and application service – you can be sure that the foamed concrete application will be the highest quality, on time and within budget to deliver 100% satisfaction to our clients.