Foaming Agent

Propump foaming agents are used to create a pre-formed foam similar to shaving foam. The foam is produced through a specially designed generator using chemicals which have been designed to provide excellent wet concrete stability and outstanding cured properties.

Propump26 is a Protein foaming agent designed by Propump for our main contracting arm. Used to provide highly versatile foam for inclusion in mix designs from 200kg/m3 to 1700kg/m3. We are very proud of its performance levels having been used directly by Propump over many years to service its extensive UK and Overseas client base. Suitable for dry foam systems only.

Propump40 is a concentrated version of Propump26, it is used where greater viscosity is required. Propump40 has been used to minimize material loss on voided infill such as mines. Suitable for dry foam system only.

Propump Synthetic is manufactured to closely duplicate the protein foams. It is extremely active requiring much less energy to create the foam.

Used by Propump for heavier density mixes (1200-1700kg/m3). This product can be used for both the dry foam system and the wet foam system.