Cement Type

The cement or binder is used to affect a set in the liquid foamed concrete creating a solid mass. The set time is created by careful selection of the correct materials to suit the application and location. Set times of Propump mix designs are normally between 2 and 8 hours.

cement Cement Type

The cement types in general use fall into sub categories which are listed below;

Ordinary Portland Cement 52.5N, 42.5N, 32.5N
Propump mix designs incorporate 200-400kg/m3.

Rapid hardening Portland Cements (RHPC).
Propump mix designs using RHPC incorporate 200-400kg/m3.

Blended Cements using Fine Pulverized Fuel Ash (PFA f ) from coal fired power stations.
Propump mix designs may incorporate up to 70% replacement PFA f.

Blended Cements using Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag (GGBS).
Propump mix designs using GGBS should be used with caution as segregation and bubble coalescence can occur.