When a three metre deep sinkhole opened up in a Kent back garden this year, it swallowed two sheds and disrupted sewers and water supplies. Propump Engineering and the company’s foamed concrete came to the rescue by filling the hole to prevent further collapse and provide a safe environment for the homeowners.

Measuring almost six metres in diameter, the sinkhole was Kent’s fifth to appear in just under a year. Attributed to a leaking drainage pipe, the sinkhole had caused damage to a nearby manhole and resulted in raw sewage leaking into the garden area. With the homeowners asked to find alternative accommodation for their own safety, a fast, reliable and high performance solution was a must.

Renowned for providing quality service and accurate volumes of foamed concrete, foamed concrete specialist Propump was specified and got to work straight away. Working in consultation with the water company, Propump pumped its lightweight foamed concrete in a two stage process to fill the hole, stabilise the ground and provide a safe environment for the homeowners.

“In consultation with the water company, we filled the crater to just below the level of the severed sewer pipes to provide a working platform before completing the fill to the surrounding levels,” said Graham Youd, Sales and Production Representative at Propump Engineering. “Pumping just over 30m3 in total, we completed the job quickly, efficiently and safely – much to the delight of both sets of homeowners.”

Regularly used to fill underground voids, encapsulate pipes and raise floor levels, foamed concrete is ideal for projects where space is at a premium. Pumpable and self-compacting, Propump’s foamed concrete came to the rescue at this Kent sinkhole and provided a thoroughly successful solution for this unexpected problem.