As part of the removal and replacement of a steel railway bridge in Catford, South London, 70m3 of lightweight foamed concrete from Propump Engineering has been used to strengthen and stabilise hollow brick abutments to provide a solid support for the new prefabricated bridge.

Appointed to complete the bridge replacement over the Christmas holiday shut-down period, Osborne Civil Engineering required a mass-fill solution with a fast and straightforward application. To keep loadings on the ageing abutments to an absolute minimum whilst increasing the structure’s integrity, Propump’s 1100kg/m3 density foamed concrete proved ideal.

For the application, Osborne Civil Engineering first had to core drill through into the voids. With careful consideration to the integrity of the brickwork and regular checks to ensure the correct amount of concrete was used, Propump pumped the foamed concrete into each void to meet the required fill level.

Regularly used to fill underground voids, encapsulate pipes and create flat screeds, the fast and easy application of foamed concrete makes it ideal for traditional buildings and structures where space and time are at a premium. Foamed concrete is pumpable, self-compacting and can mould itself to the shape of any void.

With the project successfully completed within the strict two day timeframe, the bridge was in place and the train lines re-opened on Boxing Day morning. Thanks to Propump Engineering, high quality foamed concrete played a crucial role in the smooth, hassle-free and high quality bridge replacement at Catford Railway Station.