Propump announces the perfect portable pumping solution – October 2011

Renowned for providing innovative and cost effective solutions to ground engineering and foundation problems, Propump’s new portable system has an output of 60 cubic metres per hour at a 450kg/m3 plastic density and is ideal for situations where the delivery of base materials via a ready mixed company is not practical.

Designed and built by Propump Engineering, the new Skid Mounted Inline Foaming and Pumping System is small, easy to transport to site and has been specifically designed for the production of low density foamed concretes which can be pumped over 100 metres.

Occupying a very small footprint of 2 metres x 3 metres, this new system incorporates a high output foam generating system, mixing hopper, agitator, static inline mixer, foamed concrete pump, all mounted on a steel skid framework, enabling quick and easy transport to site.

Ready mixed materials can be tipped for continual production or for smaller batches of foamed concrete, materials can be batched and mixed in the large mixer hopper using the high speed mixer blades.

The efficiency and simplicity of the system is further enhanced by the units electrical control panel which can be powered by a suitable 415 volt portable electrical generator.

The new Skid Mounted Inline Foaming and Pumping System is another innovative solution from UK’s number one foamed concrete specialist. Established in 1991 Propump Engineering were the first foamed concrete specialists in the United Kingdom and today offer a worldwide service from their purpose built premises in South London.